Watch: the Stop Snoring Video that has the Internet Triggered

web search sleep apnea and snoringThe Internet is a great place to research and obtain new information on a variety of topics, especially common ills and symptoms of health issues before they get out of hand. No longer do you have to rely solely upon the town doctor or your best friend’s cousin for “expert” advice on matters of health and medicine.

Now you can get info about topics like snoring and sleep apnea online.

So when I made a video about snoring, it got positive responses, and also a lot of negative ones too. Actually, some of the comments were nothing less than pure outrage.

News anchors on MSNBC tell you to buy a dying stock market everyday before the entire economy tanks, people lose their houses and retirement, their life savings- and nobody bats an eye.

A guy gets on the internet and tells people not to trust the medical establishment regarding surgery to correct sleep apnea or the CPAP device for a lifelong dependency to a potentially temporary condition, to exercise and diet to reduce sleep apnea and snoring- and the whole world loses its mind.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Video

Oh boy. Some guy expresses an opinion and people go crazy. “Are you a doctor?”. “I’m reporting you to the [insert alphabet soup agency name here]!”. “Do you even HAVE sleep apnea, PAL/BUD/IDIOT?”

You get the idea.

So today, in the interest of coming to a better understanding of these topics, I’ve decided to research this even more to answer what should be the obvious questions in hopes of everyone learning more.

Because you Snore, does it mean you have Sleep Apnea?

About 90 million Americans snore, and about half or more of those people may have OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, the most common type of sleep apnea. The other form of sleep apnea is CSA, or central sleep apnea, which has more to do with the central nervous’s system having an inability to control the involuntary impulse that humans have to breathe without consciously thinking about it.

Just because you snore does not mean you have sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea are usually known to snore and wake themselves up throughout the night, while regular mild snorers can go a whole night without waking themselves up. Sleep apnea sufferers are also known to be very sleep throughout the day, and sleep with their mouths open. Also, sleep apnea patients may snore more loudly than the typical person who snores.

Risk factors for snoring and sleep apnea within your control

The risk factors for sleep apnea that you can control yourself to reduce snoring and sleep apnea alike are diet, exercise, medications, alcohol and cigarette consumption, and the position in which you sleep at night.

Other risk factors for sleep apnea that may or may not be within your direct control are: your genetics, your age and gender (as males age they are at higher risk), as well as your sinuses and ability to breathe through your nose.

Regardless of which category you might belong to, just remember that people who snore and have sleep apnea often incur a 40% greater chance of premature death than their peers. So it will behoove you proactively find a solution to either problem. Additionally, anyone with common sense can see that snoring is a sort of gateway into sleep apnea, though not a guarantee for the condition.

But since snoring and sleep apnea are most often occurring due to some type of blockage in the airway, you can see how they both belong together in the discussion. Just remember that about 38,000 people die annually from sleep apnea related heart disease. It is putting a major stress on your health and your vital organs.

One thing is for sure: Oxygen is essential.

If you are sure of your snoring problem, but unsure whether you have sleep apnea or not, you can start off by trying out some lower level remedies while simultaneously seeking out expert certified medical care and a sleep study to determine if you have obstructive or even central sleep apnea.

cpap alternatives and an oral appliance to treat snoringSome low level solutions for snoring that are not too expensive for trying out include stop snoring mouthpieces, nasal dilators, taking an honest look at your current weight, exercise, and diet regime, and trying a different sleep position or even a stop snoring pillow.

Once You Start CPAP, is it Forever?

This is an important question to answer, and why I recommend people start out small and eliminate all the risk factors within their own control first before moving onto the heavy duty equipment which could require a life-long commitment.

To answer the question though, once you start CPAP, you only get the benefits of the device with continued use. So in other words, once you start, yes, you are required to keep using it. While some people note residual benefits of CPAP even on days they skip using the machine, these benefits usually go away after a few days as the throat goes back to normal positioning outside of other structural or major bodily changes.

Conclusion on Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Videos Online

Newfound knowledge these days is often readily available and at our fingertips in a matter of seconds…

And with this trend comes a digital jungle that you will have to machete your way through in hopes of gleaning useful (and hopefully true) tidbits of information as you compile your own understanding of what’s going on in the world, and with your own health.

While most people probably inherently understand this, that it’s ultimately up to them to decide if what they are reading/watching/listening to is accurate and makes sense, there are of course the exceptions that expect anyone who films a YouTube video to be a certified expert on the topic to which they speak.

How Can Hostels and Hotel Managers Prevent and Wipe Out Bed Bugs?

how hotel managers and travelers can prevent and get rid of bed bugsWhether you are the manager of a hotel or a frequent traveler who likes to check out reviews online before making your reservations for overnight stays at home or abroad, you know the feeling you get when you see a prior guest write one of those super negative reviews in all CAPS saying “BED BUGS, STAY AWAY!!! WOKE UP WITH RED BITES”.

But before you think there’s something majorly wrong with your hotel or home stay, just remember how common bed bug sightings and outbreaks have become all around the world. Recently in the heartland of America at a public library bed bugs were even found hiding out: “Bartlesville library identifies, isolates and exterminates bed bugs after recent outbreak“. But it’s not because bedbugs enjoy catching up on their favorite classic novelists why they might be at a library.

What Bed Bugs Like the Most

Bed bugs, aka cimex lectularius, love warm, carpeted or clothed areas, are usually but not always active at night, and are often found in high traffic areas, which explains why they’d be at a motel, hotel, library, or even lurking on bus seats in Philadelphia like the video below shows:

Imagine the horror of such a bus trip from bed bug hell. But it’s sadly become an unavoidable reality to discover bedbugs at random places in public when you’d least expect (or like). There is some good news though for people who have been bitten or have caught these hitch-hikers catching rides with humans back to their homes to further breed and infest.

Good News about Bed Bugs

While bed bug bites are extremely nerve-wracking and annoying, especially when you realize what the heck is going on, and while they may itch and burn (wait you said there’s good news?)… the good news is that the bites themselves are usually relatively harmless. The burning and itching from bed bug bites are actually allergic reactions from your skin to the bites, so it doesn’t mean your dying.

Next, the bites don’t contain venom so there’s not an immediate threat of death or passing out. However, people who live in retirement homes should be a little concerned if they themselves are anemic or suffer from blood issues, because obviously you need your blood! And anemia patients may suffer hardest.

Finally, there IS something you can do to fight the nasty creepy crawly bed bug invaders, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either so even if you are on a small budget then you don’t have to worry about a bed bug exterminator being the next pest to bleed you dry!

Positive Steps to Effective Bedbug Removal

As was the case in a local report of Gary Elementary School having a longtime standing feud with bed bugs, the first and most important is to identify and isolate the source, if any, of the bed bugs that are frequently showing up everywhere. This is because, just like at the elementary school, you can regularly fumigate and spray for bedbugs with limited effectiveness- especially if the source of the bed bugs keeps coming back, which in this story was one child the school staff positively recognized, even offering to fumigate the child’s home, with little to no response from parents.

If you are fortunate enough to have identified the location of hiding, potential source and extent of a bed bug presence, the next step is removal and prevention. This can be accomplished by cleaning the affected areas like a 5-Star General was going to visit and inspect tomorrow, as well as removing all bedding materials and going to the laundromat to wash and dry on extremely high heat, which usually kills of the parasitic bedbugs cheaply.

Next, to prevent a recurrence from happening, fortunately you DO NOT HAVE TO GET AN EXTERMINATOR. Exterminator costs for bed bugs can get into the hundreds and thousands of dollars quite quickly, so you’ll want to keep the cost of eliminating bed bugs from getting out of control or becoming a slave to the Orkin company.

This can be accomplished by laying down a preventative measure like a bed bug powder derived from completely natural, non-chemical sources. Believe it or not, they do and have existed for 100’s of years! Over regulation and a pre-existing monopoly on pest control in the Western World have effectively prevented new bed bug remedies and solutions from entering the market, even though this one type of bed bug killer is so safe that I would be comfortable eating it. I’m not joking!

I know it sounds unbelievable, but a $20 dollar dare would make me 20 bucks richer right now for any takers. I have eaten natural freshwater silica based bed bug killers before with zero problem! But, you don’t want to breathe the stuff, because that’s where I goofed once demonstrating this product type and felt like I was going to drown.

Not fun.

The Not-So Scary Conclusion on Bed Bugs

As we have learned today, bed bugs are a nasty public menace, but not one that cannot be exterminated without chemicals or costly heat treatments from Terminex. We hope you’ll rely on natural solutions that are safe for yourself, your customers, your family, and the whole world moving forward.

Good night, sleep tight- and we’ll just leave it at that!

Comment traiter avec succès les punaises

piqûres de couvre-lit hotel franceLes punaises de lit sont très difficiles à déverser car elles sont si résilientes. Les punaises fournissent une forte infestation à résoudre car elles sont suffisamment petites pour entrer dans des zones difficiles à frotter ou à traiter avec des insecticides conventionnels. Vous ne devez pas essayer de raccourcir le travail de toute façon lorsque vous allez traiter les punaises.

Trouver un soutien professionnel est quelque chose que vous devez faire en ce qui concerne le contrôle et le traitement des punaises. Si vous choisissez d’aller sur cette route, assurez-vous que l’exterminateur que vous choisissez a l’expérience de tuer les punaises.

Comment traiter avec succès les punaises

Étant donné que les problèmes de gibier de lit sont une occurrence raisonnablement nouvelle, certains exterminateurs n’ont pas eu à prendre ce problème de lutte antiparasitaire ou à traiter les punaises et ne seront pas positionnés pour vous aider.

L’opinion commune de la plupart des experts en santé est que les punaises ne propagent normalement pas les maladies. La morsure d’un geste de lit entraîne une démangeaison cutanée grâce à la salive qu’ils déposent sous la peau de la victime. C’est seul la raison d’aller traiter les punaises de lit rapidement.

punaise des lits

Beaucoup de personnes exposées développeront également une réaction allergique qui peut parfois conduire à des conditions de peau plus importantes. Les piqûres d’insectes de lit ressemblent à des piqûres de moustiques. L’irritation et les démangeaisons causées par les punaises seront adéquates pour que vous ayez besoin de traiter les punaises extrêmement rapidement.

Pour retirer complètement les punaises de votre maison, vous voulez savoir ce que vous faites. Ne manquez plus qu’un endroit caché. Lorsque vous allez traiter les punaises, vous devez faire un travail total car, même si une petite pièce manquait, le travail complet est inutile.

punaise de lit cause

Vous devrez peut-être jeter les objets et les meubles qui pourraient être un terrain d’habitation ou un habitat pour les punaises et impossible à traiter. Certains endroits cachant les caches de lit sont difficiles à éliminer, comme le matelas et les meubles.

Cependant, il existe une technique pour préserver votre matelas qui conservera également certains de vos fonds. Il y a des couvertures de matelas sur le marché qui aideront à empêcher les punaises de croque et à utiliser quand vous allez traiter les punaises.

punaise de lit symptome

Pour l’élimination d’objets géants tels que matelas et canapés, assurez-vous de les marquer comme pollués avec des punaises. Vous devez faire tout ce qui est possible pour faire tout son possible pour faire tout ce qui est possible pour mettre fin à la propagation des insectes méchants et sauver les autres doivent traiter les punaises.

Une fois que vous avez rempli les procédures pour traiter les punaises, vous croirez probablement que vous avez terminé. Vous devez être sûr que vous avez réussi à vous débarrasser des punaises. Assurez-vous que l’espace est propre ou que les œufs des punaises féminines adultes éclosent et que votre chambre complète sera un cauchemar.

Local Governments Attempt to Stop Bedbugs, Here is What They are Saying

bed bugs at the libraryThe issue on bedbugs is escalating in several areas in the country and Rath Building in Buffalo, downtown N.Y. is no exception. The county has been dealing with bedbug issues since last year and that has resulted in the government thinking of new measures to find a solution.

Government buildings see rise in bed bugs

In the coming months, sniffer dogs will be undergoing training to sniff out the irritating pests. Dogs have been used to detect bombs, calm down people, and sniff drugs and hopefully, their use of the insects will be successful too.

Other than that, the building management has set new rules that will see a stop in the spread of the pest. Employees have been limited on the personal stuff they can bring in the building after a worker’s bag was found infested with fleas. In addition, they are bringing home all clothing on daily basis, they cannot keep personal stuff in their lockers, and their lockers must always be clutter free.

Although the county administrators don’t agree there is an infestation, Rath Building reported that it is pretty embarrassing when visitors come and start questioning whether there is an infestation in the offices. In a statement by the County Executive Mark Poloncarz, the county government will continue checking for any signs of infestation in all government building within Erie County and take necessary measures where necessary.

bed bugs in the new Los Angeles library

Elsewhere, in L.A city, the bugs have infested the newest city library, the Buena Vista Branch Library. It turns out that libraries are very common places for bed bugs to hide and make transfers. In a phone interview, the library’s service director, Elizabeth Goldman confirmed that it is true there are bed bugs in the building with the small insects finding refuge in the “Castle,” which is the main reading area and the children’s library. She also confirmed that they have been having the issue since May with the Burbank Public Works Department trying to handle the issue without success.

Although the library management does not know when the bugs’ problem started, she confirmed that they are doing everything to handle it. She has even gone an extra mile to hire bedbug-sniffing dogs to help detect all the affected areas.

Decatur Memorial Hospital is also facing the bed bugs issue and this was revealed after a Facebook post that allegedly showed a bed bug in the waiting area. Commenting on the issue, the management confirmed it closed the waiting room for a cleanup. Officials might benefit from a natural solution to bed bugs that stays good forever unless made wet. They added that the presence of bed bugs in the hospital is possible since the community is dealing with a problem of the same.

bed bugs in hospitals

The Chief Information Officer of the hospital, Linda Fahey, confirmed the hospital caution on any type of pests. She further assured that the hospital was doing everything to protect everyone who walks in from any type of pests. They try to maintain high-level cleanliness and patient’s beddings are always changed between patients and always kept clean.

She went further ahead to assure everyone who visits the hospital that there is no need to worry about catching bedbugs since there is no danger of the pests. As a bonus, the hospital is planning a community education forum on bedbugs that will be held on October 3 at the Decatur Civic Center.