Could This One Mineral Change Your Snoring for the Better, Overnight?

magnesium could help you stop snoring and sleep better at nightMagnesium- it’s not just for bones any more. While it’s possible to get magnesium from your everyday diet, people who snore are going to want to listen up, especially when women are statistically found to have a lower intake of magnesium in their diets.

GABA in the brain is known to help induce relaxation and sleep, which is increased by magnesium. In fact, magnesium deficiency is often recognized as being a cause of increased stress and anxiety, which wreaks havoc on your overall well being as well as central nervous and immune systems. Lowered GABA levels can also make it hard for people to wind down and relax at the end of the day.

Can magnesium cause sleep apnea and snoring?

Anyone who understands sleep apnea knows the mechanism for an apnea episode. The jaw slips back and depresses the airway, causing a blockage in the airway which leads to the body failing to breathe during sleep. Less severe sleep apnea is often marked by regular snoring, which is a common sign of obstructive sleep apnea as well and can be an alarm bell for those who just think it’s something annoying or funny, and the stuff that embarrassing facebook posts are made of.

Fortunately, magnesium relieves cramping and relaxes the neck muscles so that the airway actually becomes less blocked, thus reducing sleep apnea. 5-HTP is recommended to add with magnesium to get the full benefit.

How much magnesium should I take for sleep?

The recommended daily allowance for mg is 310–420 mg for adults depending on your age and gender. Some added benefits of taking magnesium are improved regularity, better sleep, stopping muscle cramps and alleviating depression.

Don’t stop at just magnesium or HTP! Consider the following vitamins and minerals that will help your overall sleep at night:

*Valerian Root
*Vitamin D
*Vitamin E
*B vitamins

Other Things You Can Do to Sleep Better if You Snore: Oral Appliances


Get a stop snoring or sleep apnea mouthpiece like the ones recommmended at this site:

Surprising Foods that Can Help You Sleep at Night

Sometimes it’s ok to go bananas. Eating a banana before bedtime means getting a shot of potassium as well s L-tryptophan, an amino acid which turns to 5-HTP (reinforcing the magneisum) and releases serotonin, the feel-good relaxation chemical in the brain.

Another great food to have before bed is olive oil. Taking a teaspoon of olive oil mixe with honey is going to supercharge your body, while also lessening the vibrations in your throat which will reduce snoring. Other great oils to consider treating your snoring with are Eucalyptus, Valor Essential Oil, Marjoram, and Thyme– though you would be sniffing them or applying them under your toes before bed, not eating them!

Other things you can do to overcome a snoring tendency

Lastly, here’s some hard and fast recommendations to beat snoring without a CPAP or surgery:

*Switch up your sleeping position
*Drop some weight through exercise and diet
*Clear your sinuses and open the nasal airways
*Get a stop snoring pillow
*Drink plenty of water
*Reduce alcohol and quit smoking
*Watch the pills and prescription meds