Regrow or restore the lost Hair

Hair is one of the important organ systems on human beings. Apart from serving other biological features, its presence or lack is an aspect of beauty. For women, long vibrant hair improves her self esteem and is a sign of beauty. Hence loss of hair both in men and women may dampen their self esteem and confidence thus leading to lower productivity in various companies. There are several causes of hair loss; some of these are genetics like baldness, medications, diseases or loss of hair due to cancer treatment.

There have been researches done by scientists to come with solutions to hair loss. There are several methods that can be used to regrow hair, some of them are highlighted below. The person interested in regrowing hair can try out any that will be successful on him/her; however they are not guaranteed to work on every one. 

Massaging your scalp

Massaging your scalp has proved to aid in blood circulation near hair follicles and provides conducive environment for hair growth. This can be done by using your fingers to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion. Oil massage can also be applied on the scalp as the oil will help unclog the hair follicle. This can be done in the shower once or twice a week, after which the oil is washed away. Some of the proven oils that can get results are almond oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. They are also readily available in the market.

regrow hair

Therapeutic hair masks

Therapeutic hair masks are also widely used in restoration of lost hair. This method performs the double tasks of making the hair moisturized and healthy as well as stimulating hair growth. The mask has to be worn for at least 15 minutes, making sure it covers the whole scalp after which it’s removed and the head is washed by shampoo. 

As outlined earlier, one of the causes of hair loss is sickness. Hence it will be prudent for the victim to treat the underlying sickness that has caused the hair loss. If one is unsure of the cause of hair loss, its advised that one seeks the advice of the doctor. The main causes of hair loss emanating from medical conditions could be thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance and alopecia. 



Proteins are vital building blocks of healthy hair. Therefore, eating proteins in the right quantities will aid in growth of hair. Protein contain foods that are commonly available are nuts, legumes, eggs, fish. Since vegetables are said to contain less protein levels, vegetarians are advised to closely monitor their proteins intake. 

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids when added to the diet can be instrumental in boosting hair growth and keeping the skin look tender and well nourished. The lack of these important nutrients in ones diet can make ones hair look brittle and dull. Omega3 fatty acids are richly available in avocados, nuts and salmon fish. Another important mineral to growth of hair is iron. Iron is instrumental in growth of hair, so it will be prudent for one to eat food types containing iron.

Just like other parts of the body, dehydrations negatively affect the hair. Make sure you are properly hydrated in a day.