Treatment and Causes of hair loss

No matter whether you are a male or female, no one wants to experience hair loss of any degree. Although there are some individuals who look fantastic with no hair, these individuals are most definitely men and they are few and far between. There can be many different causes for an individual to lose their hair.

Various causes of Hair loss

Treatment of hair loss  Illness

 Some individuals may lose their hair due to illness. One illness that can definitely cause an individual to lose hair is having cancer and the resulting chemotherapy that is targeted to cure the cancer. Chemotherapy consists of very powerful drugs in an attempt to kill the unhealthy cancer cells; however the drugs also kill healthy cells including the ones that contribute to the constant regrowth of hair follicles.

Thankfully, for most cancer patients, their hair will grow back once their chemotherapy has been concluded. In fact, it is not uncommon for a cancer patient to see hair return that is different in color and texture from the original hair they used to have.

Other illnesses can cause hair loss in men and women. Alopecia is one of these illnesses. Alopecia most often appears as the loss of hair in certain sections, in patches over the head. If the individual does not get to the doctor and receive some type of treatment they can lose all of the hair they have not only on their heads but also on their entire body.

In addition, if an individual has a problem keeping the right levels of iron in their body they can and will experience an iron deficiency which can also result in their hair falling out in different spots on their heads. Another cause of hair loss in many individuals is with those who are diabetic, an illness which has seen its numbers increase dramatically over the past dozen years or so. There are also some common things that we do that can be counted as a hair loss cause.

Common Habits

Sometimes hair can be lost by women who pull their hair up and back into a tight ponytail and wear it this way most of the time. These ladies are putting stress on their hair follicles and causing breakage to occur. If the hair does not get a rest between a tight hairstyle, it cannot recover well.

Other things that many women do to their hair on a daily basis can also result in a fair amount of hair loss. Women may go to bed at night and wake up with a good deal of hair on their pillow case. Hair dryers and hot curling or straightening irons are also good culprits. Women should really take the time to rest their head and their hair from all of these products when they will be staying in and no going anywhere.


Believe it or not, some doctors will tell you that a moderate amount of hair loss may be a temporary situation and can be attributed to stress. Most of us have stress at some level in our lives. However, when there are things occurring that are out of the normal routine and leaves us feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, this can cause our bodies to do crazy things, and one of them is to lose more of our hair than we normally would lose.


Hair Loss Laser Treatment

Lasers have been emerging as a potentially effective technology in the world of science especially in medicine. One of the most important and widely accepted applications of lasers in the medical technologies is its use to treat. The use of lasers to treat hair loss has proven to be the most remarkable treatment of the problem.

The most recent among the laser technologies is the laser hair restoration treatment. This has shown the maximum effectiveness when used in conjunction with the control drugs such Propecia and Rogaine, which has proven to be the most remarkable treatment of the problem. These drugs can be purchased from all drug stores and by online pharmacies. Many people who have been treated with this method have shown to stop hair loss as well as grow thicker and healthier. But these treatments are prone to differences in person's individual needs.

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