How Safe is Diatomaceous Earth for Household Use?

You’ve probably never heard of the “magic sand” that is known for its wide range of uses from pest control to weight loss, but you will be today and boy, will you be glad you did.

Today we’re talking all about diatomaceous earth, the abundant naturally occurring “dirt” that is viewed by many as a miracle for non-chemical pest control, but guess what- some people eat it too.

a big juicy bowl of diatomaceous earth, ok so it’s not juicy and it’s more like dirt, but still

Many claim that this natural powder derived from the fossilized remains of microscopic algae is not only good enough to kill your bed bug, flea or tick problem around the house, but you can also eat it to cleanse your gut from harmful parasites.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Really Safe Enough to Eat?

First off, there’s 2 main types of diatomaceous earth classified by the amount of crystalline silica it contains. One is food grade, which is edible, and the other is filter, which is toxic to mammals and found in solutions that clean swimming pools.

We’re going to be talking about food grade diatomaceous earth here.

While many sites on the internet like say yes, it’s safe and many people eat the food grade version as a health supplement, other sites have said that you should never ingest diatomaceous earth because it can bind to your intestinal track and prevent the absorption of trace minerals.

My opinion is that since there has not been any testing done to see just what constitutes a dangerous amount of how much diatomaceous earth, or even dirt, that you can eat, it might be best to do it minimally, if at all. However, as far as short-term safety is concerned, on several occasions I have eaten a spoonful of the food grade diatomaceous earth myself and still live to tell the tale.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe for People to Breathe?

One of the best and most common applications for diatomaceous earth is in the use of pest control against crawling insects around the home and garden. However, just because many people know about it, there are even more people who don’t, and there’s a good reason for that- government over-regulation.

But before I get into that, the general procedure for using diatomaceous earth as a bug killer involves dusting crawlspaces and hiding places of the insect pest in question. This usually means an extensive application and a lot of exposed areas which would now contain the dust, so it will become airborne and the possibility of breathing it in, even in tiny amounts, is a likely occurrence.

And this is the reason that the government has made it a regulated market for pest control use, and with it, all the inherent complications and bloat that government intervention entails, which is exactly why you may have never heard of the stuff, though it’s incredibly effective against all types of crawling bugs and parasites.

The Dangers of Breathing Diatomaceous Earth

The dangers of breathing in diatomaceous earth are usually short-lived if done in small amounts, but acute exposure to large amounts or regular exposure over long periods of time can potentially lead to cancer and chronic respiratory issues like silicosis.

I have also breathed in large amounts of food grade diatomaceous earth by accident, and I thought I was going to die because I could not breathe clearly for about 10 minutes and I was gasping for air, but I was being pretty careless.

Due to the risks involved in handling diatomaceous earth, the EPA has created standards for pest control products like bed bug killers that require they show efficacy and are usually less likely to become airborne than their food grade version.

Safety Precautions for Using Diatomaceous Earth to Protect Yourself- and the Bees!

The Final Word on Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is cheap, we’re never going to run out of it, and it works. To top it off, it’s a great alternative to chemical pesticides and insecticides and when used sparingly, many report the food grade to provide a host of benefits from better looking skin and nails to just feeling cleansed from detoxing their gut.

I recommend you take a look at this little-known natural wonder and see for yourself if it’s the best thing you’ve never heard of.

Governments around the Globe are Being Taken Over- by Bed Bugs

bed bugs taking over your government

In the latest “too strange to not be true” news story to drop this week, 2 Dallas TX area police stations were attacked by bed bugs.

Upon finding bed bugs in a squad car at a southeast location, the station commander had the place fumigated, but alas, the bed bugs overcame a single bed bug exterminator treatment. This is why it typically takes 2 – 3 treatments when trying to get rid of bed bugs.

Dallas was ranked the #3 city in the USA for bed bugs according to Terminex’s latest survey, and it’s clear there’s a problem when they’re attacking the police.

Bed Bugs Turning Up for Class at Your Child’s School

bed bug infestation in child's school

In Rome, NY the school superintendent opted to close down the school during the mid-winter break to fumigate the entire Rome Free Academy in order to safeguard against bed bugs.

Pest control actions taken included vacuuming, shampooing, and spraying/powdering to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

They’re actually shutting down school for a few days due to bed bugs in Southern Michigan at one school, with the administrator encouraging parents to wash their children’s clothes thoroughly and dry them on high heat. It’s no surprise the city of Morenci has a bed bug problem as it is located right near Ohio, another regular on the list of top destinations for bedbugs.

It’s Always Bed Buggy in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a regular on the Top 10 List of Cities for Bedbugs in America, and in one area of the town the city council has teamed up with a pest control company to provide bed and mattress liners for residents in low-income housing areas intended to counteract bed bugs.

Claimed to be the first of its kind, the program plans to offer comprehensive approaches to bed bugs and to promote active participation by residents in the community.

New York, New York – and of course bed bugs too

And yes, New York did shut down a large part of their underground rail system recently to attempt to deal with bed bugs at its Queens terminal, leaving many train riders stranded.

One blogger in NY describes her ordeal of bed bugs moving in with her and her boyfriend, and from her account it seems that bedbugs are as common to New York as the Yankees baseball team.

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Comment traiter avec succès les punaises

piqûres de couvre-lit hotel franceLes punaises de lit sont très difficiles à déverser car elles sont si résilientes. Les punaises fournissent une forte infestation à résoudre car elles sont suffisamment petites pour entrer dans des zones difficiles à frotter ou à traiter avec des insecticides conventionnels. Vous ne devez pas essayer de raccourcir le travail de toute façon lorsque vous allez traiter les punaises.

Trouver un soutien professionnel est quelque chose que vous devez faire en ce qui concerne le contrôle et le traitement des punaises. Si vous choisissez d’aller sur cette route, assurez-vous que l’exterminateur que vous choisissez a l’expérience de tuer les punaises.

Comment traiter avec succès les punaises

Étant donné que les problèmes de gibier de lit sont une occurrence raisonnablement nouvelle, certains exterminateurs n’ont pas eu à prendre ce problème de lutte antiparasitaire ou à traiter les punaises et ne seront pas positionnés pour vous aider.

L’opinion commune de la plupart des experts en santé est que les punaises ne propagent normalement pas les maladies. La morsure d’un geste de lit entraîne une démangeaison cutanée grâce à la salive qu’ils déposent sous la peau de la victime. C’est seul la raison d’aller traiter les punaises de lit rapidement.

punaise des lits

Beaucoup de personnes exposées développeront également une réaction allergique qui peut parfois conduire à des conditions de peau plus importantes. Les piqûres d’insectes de lit ressemblent à des piqûres de moustiques. L’irritation et les démangeaisons causées par les punaises seront adéquates pour que vous ayez besoin de traiter les punaises extrêmement rapidement.

Pour retirer complètement les punaises de votre maison, vous voulez savoir ce que vous faites. Ne manquez plus qu’un endroit caché. Lorsque vous allez traiter les punaises, vous devez faire un travail total car, même si une petite pièce manquait, le travail complet est inutile.

punaise de lit cause

Vous devrez peut-être jeter les objets et les meubles qui pourraient être un terrain d’habitation ou un habitat pour les punaises et impossible à traiter. Certains endroits cachant les caches de lit sont difficiles à éliminer, comme le matelas et les meubles.

Cependant, il existe une technique pour préserver votre matelas qui conservera également certains de vos fonds. Il y a des couvertures de matelas sur le marché qui aideront à empêcher les punaises de croque et à utiliser quand vous allez traiter les punaises.

punaise de lit symptome

Pour l’élimination d’objets géants tels que matelas et canapés, assurez-vous de les marquer comme pollués avec des punaises. Vous devez faire tout ce qui est possible pour faire tout son possible pour faire tout ce qui est possible pour mettre fin à la propagation des insectes méchants et sauver les autres doivent traiter les punaises.

Une fois que vous avez rempli les procédures pour traiter les punaises, vous croirez probablement que vous avez terminé. Vous devez être sûr que vous avez réussi à vous débarrasser des punaises. Assurez-vous que l’espace est propre ou que les œufs des punaises féminines adultes éclosent et que votre chambre complète sera un cauchemar.